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Syntax Tests

FREE Syntax Assessment (Mac/Win)

Laureate is now offering a FREE Syntax Assessment to help professionals and parents assess 33 basic grammatical forms essential to sentence comprehension and production. Built-in reports can help you determine whether a student could benefit from two of Laureate's programs, LanguageLinks: Syntax Assessment & Intervention and Prepositions!

Download your FREE Syntax Assessment (Mac/Win) here.

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Demo CD

FREE CD Demo (mac*/Win)

All-New Interactive Demo!
Special Needs Software

We've created this demo to help you choose the programs you need. You'll find an overview of Laureate's seven-stage Linguistic Hierarchy with software suggestions for each stage. The CD includes 17 interactive demos of Laureate Software, including 16 Sterling Edition programs. Request a FREE CD Demo.
* Runs on Mac OS8.6 - 10.6


Download Our Catalog (pdf)

Our catalog gives detailed descriptions of over 45 integrated programs in the areas of language development, cognitive processing, reading, speech/voice training, and instructional games. Programs are available on Mac/Win CDs. You'll also find our Linguistic Hierarchy Chart which outlines seven stages of language development from birth to adulthood. This chart gives language characteristics and training goals for each stage and will help you choose appropriate software. Download our catalog here.

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