The Research Behind Laureate's Award-Winning Software

Laureate Research supported by the National Institutes of Health

Laureate Learning Systems has received 12 prestigious Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from two components of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This research support has made it possible for Laureate's speech-language pathologists to work closely with leading experts in the fields of linguistics, child language development, and special education during the curricular design process, and has supported extensive field-testing of prototype curricula during the implementation phases of product development.

Research Awards and Associated Laureate Software

Independent (Third Party) Research using Laureate Software

Children’s Ability to Ask Questions Significantly Improved after 8 weeks of Receptive Syntax Training using Laureate’s QuestionQuest Software

Laureate’s LanguageLinks Software Improves Morphosyntax and Comprehension of Written Grammar.

Using Laureate’s Language Intervention Software as part of a Summer Treatment Program Leads to Clinically Significant Improvements in Language Ability.

Children’s Expressive Morphosyntax Significantly Improved after 10 weeks of Receptive Syntax Training using Laureate’s LanguageLinks Software

Student Language Assessment Scores Advance by more than Eight Months just Twelve Weeks after Laureate Software is added to the Curriculum.

Laureate Software Associated with Clinically Significant Gains in MLU and Use of Grammar.

Student with a Severe Reading Disability Achieves Important Gains using Laureate’s Sentence Master as part of a Multi-Faceted Reading Intervention Program.

The Research Bases of Laureate's Software (Monographs)

Click on titles below to read scholarly articles that describe background research and provide theoretical and instructional information about Laureate software.

Theory & Research Bases of the Sterling Edition Syntax Programs (pdf)

Asking and Answering Questions: Theory & Research-Based Intervention (pdf)

Three Approaches to Early Vocabulary Development and Communication (pdf)

The Creature Games (pdf)

My House, My Town, and My School: Language Activities for Daily Living (pdf)

Words & Concepts and CONCENTRATE! On Words & Concepts (pdf)

The Sentence Master (pdf)