Stage 1:
Interpreted Communication
Stage 2:
Intentional Communication
Stage 3:
Single Words
Stage 4:
Word Combinations
Stage 5:
Early Syntax
Stage 6:
Syntax Mastery
Stage 7:
Complete Generative Mastery

See Laureate's
Linguistic Hierarchy Chart
How to Choose a Program Using Laureate's
Seven Stages of Language Development

Laureate software covers seven stages of language development from birth to adulthood. Please use the following tool to determine which products best meet the needs of your student or client.

If your student or client does not understand any words, choose products from Stage 1 and Stage 2.

If s/he understands only a few words, choose programs from Stage 3.

If s/he uses 150-200 words, but is not combining them, choose products from the end of Stage 3 and also from Stage 4.

If s/he is combining words but not talking in sentences, choose products from Stage 5.

If s/he speaks in sentences but makes grammatical errors, choose programs from Stage 6.

If s/he is having problems learning to read and write and/or having difficulty with irregular verbs, choose programs from Stage 7.

hierarchy steps

Laureate's Linguistic Hierarchy describes seven stages of language development and provides language characteristics and training goals for each stage.