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Child having fun using Laureate language learning software.

Laureate Programs by Category

Laureate offers programs that train cause and effect, turn-taking, early vocabulary, syntax, cognitive concepts, auditory processing, and reading. All of our programs are organized by category:

Our software provides interactive computer activities for children and adults with special needs. Our research-based programs are suitable for a wide range of populations including:

  • aphasia
  • articulation disorders
  • attention deficit disorder ADD
  • autism spectrum disorder ASD
  • birth to three
  • children at risk
  • cochlear implants
  • cognitive disabilities
  • difficulty with phonics
  • English as a second language ESL
  • English language learners ELL
  • fluency disorders
  • hearing impairments
  • impulsive learning
  • individualized education plans IEP
  • intellectual disabilities
  • literacy and reading delays
  • low vision
  • motor skill impairments
  • pervasive developmental disorder PDD-NOS
  • physical disabilities
  • pre-K
  • preschool language and literacy
  • pragmatic disabilities
  • severe profound disabilities
  • reading disorders
  • reading failure
  • receptive language disorder
  • response to intervention RTI
  • severe profound disabilities
  • speech impairments
  • switch users
  • students at risk
  • traumatic brain injury TBI
  • visual impairments
  • weak language
  • word order difficulties
  • word recognition difficulties

Laureate's software is designed for ease of use by special educators, speech-language pathologists, clinicians, and parents. Our assistive technology provides interactive speech and language learning games and fun educational activities for language intervention.

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