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Early Instructional Games

Laureate's Early Instructional Series trains cause and effect, discrete pointing, auditory awareness, turn taking, and visual tracking. These instructional computer programs also help to develop mouse control and single switch motor skills. Dozens of animated games provide fun and interactive activities for birth to three, pre-K, preschool, special education, and other children and adults with disabilities.

Creature Games computer software covers. Creature Chorus computer software cover.
Creature Antics, Creature Capers, Creature Features, Creature Cartoons, and Creature Magic train cause & effect, turn-taking, and use of a single switch. Creature Chorus trains cause & effect, turn-taking, auditory awareness, visual tracking, discrete pointing, and use of a single switch.

These computer games stimulate language development and promote emerging vocabulary while teaching cognitive concepts that foster intentional communication. Programs include touch screen and scanning interface capabilities so that the games can be enjoyed by individuals with physical impairments or severe/profound disabilities, including those functioning below nine months of age.

These programs are suggested for individuals (pre-K through adult) with:

  • autism spectrum disorders ASD
  • developmental disabilities
  • physical disabilities

Animated characters from interactive computer games.