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Syntax Training

These programs help children learn the syntax they need to communicate in sentences. Interactive activities train subject-verb-object word order, sentence structure, pronouns, prepositions, perspective, following directions, and other essential concepts.

CoversLanguage for Theory of Mind
This is our newest research-based program that helps students understand others' perceptions, wants, and needs. This program develops a language foundation for Theory of Mind, helps children understand what others can or cannot perceive, and introduces verbs of intention/desire (e.g., want and need).

This new three level series will help students with language disorders understand and
answer many common forms of questions.


LanguageLinks is an all-new, comprehensive, evidence-based approach to syntax assessment and intervention.

Simple Sentence Structure

Simple Sentence Structure teaches children to comprehend and produce sentences with subject-verb-object word order.


Prepositions! teaches 10 important prepositions and offers six training modules.

Pronoun Perspective

Pronoun Perspective: 1st and 2nd Person is designed for children who struggle with 1st and 2nd person pronouns.

These programs are suggested for individuals (pre-K through 8) with:

  • autism spectrum disorders ASD
  • developmental disabilities
  • language-learning disabilities
  • low vision
  • hearing impairments
  • English language learners ELL (pre-K through 6)
  • English as a second language ESL (pre-K through 6)