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Click on the titles below to view scholarly articles that provide theoretical and instructional information about Laureate software. Current research is cited and tips for using the programs are given.

Theory & Research Bases of the Sterling Edition Syntax Programs (pdf)

Asking and Answering Questions: Theory & Research-Based Intervention (pdf)

LanguageLinks®: Syntax Assessment & Intervention and Prepositions! Background, Rationale, and Use In Instructional Programs (pdf)

Three Approaches to Early Vocabulary Development and Communication (pdf)

The Creature Games (pdf)

My House, My Town, and My School: Language Activities for Daily Living (pdf)

Words & Concepts and CONCENTRATE! On Words & Concepts (pdf)

The Sentence Master (pdf)


These four-page handouts provide informative descriptions as well as color screen shots to help you learn more about how our programs work.

LanguageLinks®: Syntax Assessment & Intervention and Prepositions! (pdf)

QuestionQuest® (pdf)

Language for Theory of Mind 1: Understanding Others' Perceptions, Wants, & Needs (pdf)